We are proud of the collection of products and services that we use to enable you to feel confident in the infrastructure behind your site. Our passion is to ensure you have maximum uptime. We can tailor solutions to meet your needs, and have turnkey options availble to get you started.

At the core of our managed hosting services is our Physical Servers (not virtual). These are provided and managed by Servers Australia – Australia’s largest service provider. We pride ourselves on being different to a Crazy Domains or a Go Daddy; Our servers intentionally have fewer tenants to ensure you are always in good company; and we expect each tenant to maintain the security of the site that they host with us to ensure your security at all times.

When talking to you about our servers, BEY9 generally don’t talk about the server’s CPU, Ram, etc. Instead, we talk about containers. Containers are virtual allowances that we give to our customers within a server. This is a common approach from hosting providers; however, we have some unique policies to help give you the best uptime available.

“Rubber Walls” and “Flexi-cover” policies are there to ensure that if you use your fair share of resources, we simply extend your share a little bit for a little while, rather than shutting you down (as other providers do). This is key to our “stay up” approach.

Hosting is offered as hosting containers or units. A single container is up to:
All our servers are in Sydney, Austrlia

  • 50GB disk space
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 50% of one CPU

BEY9 provides a single hosting container for $24 per month.

If you really want the technical details**, here you go:
…but remember, you only get access to in in containers – how many containers do you need?

  • CPU: Multiple cores @3.7GHz
  • Hard Drives: ALL SSD
  • Ram: DDR4 Memory
  • Data: @ 1Gbit Port Speed
  • OS/Software: Cloud Linux with cPanel, Imunify 360, LiteSpeed

** Note: we do have multiple servers on different specifcations, this is an example

Manage Hosting may start with hardware, but it does not end there…
We monitor all our sites with and offer two levels of response.

  • (defualt) With Basic Monitoring, our team are notified and take action if your site is down for ten consecutive minutes. This service is $4 per month.
  • (upgrade) With Active Monitoring, our team are notified and take action if your site is down for four consecutive minutes. This service is $8 per month.

Connecting your domain to your hosting is the role of your DNS services;
and we don’t leave that job to just anyone. We use and recomend Cloudfalre for your DNS.

You can setup your own Cloudflare, but we’re happy to do it for you as part of our managed hosting services. Cloudlare is more than just a DNS services, they are experts and specalists at:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Reliability

*Note: all prices are in $AUD and exclude GST.